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Ridiculous Grand Daddy Purple Pics

So I stopped by Nature’s Kiss Medicinal Lounge today and got a gorgeous 4.7 g nug of Grand Daddy Purp to share with you all.  It’s one of their “White Label” strains, so it’s $50 per 8th + tax.  I haven’t had a ton of time with it, but so far I’d say it’s definitely worth the price.  The gasps and “ooh”s you’ll get from people who see it is payment enough, it’s a truly beautiful strain as you’ll see in these pics.  Expect a full review soon, I just wanted to call your attention to this purple trichome feast.  About 60 photos in the gallery:

Sparkle sparkle

Amazingly frosty all over

One of the few non-purple parts of this nug

A trich-laden leaf with deep purple stems

I really like this shot, looks like an Avatar forest or something

Crystals, crystals, everywhere....

Even the trich heads are purple on this thing...

Okay, now this is just getting gratuitous...

Informal Review: Pineapple from Chronic Wellness

Now it’s time for one of my favorite strains I’ve found so far, the Pineapple from Chronic Wellness (3928 Federal Blvd.).  I have to start off by saying that Chronic Wellness has prices below basically everyone else these days — they have been doing rotating specials of very quality strains at $30/8th, and this is one of those.  They lowered their prices a week or so ago, as they used to have strains going up to $65/8th (their signature Sledgehammer, a CO-only strain grown here for nearly 30 years), but now everything appears to be capped at $50 including tax and most are cheaper.

Sorry for the blur.. this was the best wide shot I had

Anyway, this isn’t a dispensary review, so on to the strain.  I got a nice 8th of this for $30 and have to say that I was extremely happy.  Immediately when I looked at the two special strains (Pineapple and Blue Dot when I was in), the smell of the Pineapple drew me right in.  I kid you not, it’s JUST like a fresh pineapple, right down to the slight sour/acrid twang that you get from a really fresh pineapple.

Nice look at a cluster of trichomes

Now if it were just the smell that was heavy on the pineapple, I would probably still be impressed… but the taste (both smoked an in the Volcano) is even more incredible.  Again, it doesn’t taste like the “flavor ideal” of pineapple (think hard candy or something fake like that) but has the qualities of a fresh pineapple, including a little sour punch in the back of your cheeks (I noticed this using the Volcano).  It might be the tastiest cannabis that I’ve found… I almost want to just eat it instead of smoking it.

Good timing on the harvest.. plenty of amber trichs visible

I didn’t really get much more information on the strain because I more or less bought it upon smelling it and took off home to go try it, but I’ll check with them next time I’m in for a better description of the genetics and update this post.  I’d say that it’s primarily Sativa, but I can’t say for sure… that’s just how the high feels.  It’s a fairly strong head high that made me very positive and happy-feeling.  I don’t remember much of a body buzz… I think this one would be a good choice for a general mood enhancer or for depression sufferers.

Informal Review: Northern Lights #5 from Botanico

In the first of these quick-fire informal reviews, we have a nice example of Northern Lights #5 from Botanico Care.  For those who don’t know, Northern Lights #5 is a 100% Indica variety that was the result of years of cross-breeding and back-crossing among potent Northern Lights Indicas (#1, #2, and #5), eventually producing a plant that has huge yields, is super-easy to grow, and has a strong Indica punch.  Along with Skunk #1, Northern Lights is probably the most famous and widespread marijuana strain in the world.  On a personal note, NL #5 was actually the first strain of REAL quality marijuana that I ever tried way back at age 15, so seeing these big chunky nugs and smelling them brought me right back to that time.

Majorly dense nugs of NL #5

I said that the nugs are chunky, and that might a big understatement — they’re rotund, dense, pretty sticky (for being nice and dry), and well-cured.  Even though I only got 2 grams as part of my split 8th, each of the nugs is pretty big and impressive.  It has that strong and distinctive hashy/earthy smell to it and definitely has the knockout Indica body buzz that one would expect from this strain.

In the vaporizer it was surprisingly tasty.  I say surprisingly because NL isn’t really known as a taste-heavy strain, mostly just having the typical hashy/earthy taste of burning cannabis.  But in the Volcano, I noticed a slight sweetness, some spice notes (almost like cardamom or something), and the vapor was very thick, indicating a pretty high usable THC content.  I actually got up to pull #5 on the Volcano before deciding I’d had enough — it was still a very visible vapor on exhale on the last pull, so that was impressive, as it normally gets iffy on pull #4.

Good look at some cloudy trichomes

The high lives up to its heritage, definitely a body-heavy Indica stone.  After the first pull, I noticed my eyelids feeling heavy and felt the body buzz coming on.  Mid-way through pull #3 (about 15 minutes after I started), I was definitely pretty high and thoroughly enjoying the newest episode of “The Office”.  The best part though is that my back, which was flaring up badly earlier in the day, felt much better almost immediately thanks to the relaxing narcotic body buzz provided by the NL #5.  I normally prefer my Indicas with a little Sativa mixed in to take the sometimes overwhelming stone off, but I think I’ll have to keep a pure Indica like this in my arsenal for times like this — it really did wonders for my back pain.

Overall, it would be a strong 7.8 or so on the quality scale.  Nothing overwhelming (especially when smoked, you lose most of the taste), but the stone was very appreciated on a day when it was hurting to even sit on my couch, and the density of the nugs and the quality cure is a bonus.  Especially at the price (this was part of a 4 g 8th split with the Kenyan, and they also gave me a free 8th of Juicy Fruit, all that for $53 — so GREAT deal), I’d give it a strong recommendation.  Botanico seems to carry this strain quite a bit, so check it out if you’re a pain sufferer and don’t mind feeling a little knocked out after the high takes hold of you.

There aren’t a ton of extra pics in the gallery, but I’ll probably take some more, as I still have a nice nug of this sitting at home.

Another look at the NL #5

More Informal Reviews Coming..

So, basically, I have a bunch of backed up reviews from strains that I’ve had over the past month or so that weren’t to the specifications of the site’s review method (or things I have currently but don’t have enough left for a proper review).  But in the interest of getting more content up while I work on current reviews as well as getting the word out about some of these strains, I’ll be doing several informal reviews in the next day or so.  I’m gonna cover the following:

  • Maui from Botanico
  • Northern Lights #5 from Botanico
  • Pineapple from Chronic Wellness
  • Purple Queen from Chronic Wellness
  • Island Sweet Skunk from Dr. Green Gene’s
  • Super Skunk from Dr. Green Gene’s
  • Jack Flash from Platte Valley Dispensary
  • Silver Haze from Platte Valley Dispensary

And no, I don’t have any affiliation with any of these places, I just happen to have gotten quite a few strains from them recently, so that’s what I have to work with.  They all have solid-to-great prices and good quality, so I tend to become a repeat customer.  I’ll be expanding my horizons quite a bit now that the blog is up and running and will definitely get outside the downtown area so that the blog is more useful to people who don’t end up there often.

Let me know in the comments if there are any places in particular that you want me to check out and I’ll be sure to make it out if it’s in the Denver Metro area.

Jack Flash = Freaky Dr. Suess Forest?

Had to share this picture… the shadow and angle makes it look like a horizon shot of a forest on some strange planet (that I really want to visit):

Jack Flash fly-over...

This is Jack Flash (nice heavy Indica) from Platte Valley Dispensary, which is over by the Denver Aquarium directly next to El Senor Sol restaurant.  I was impressed by their quality and selection and they’re open until 10 pm, so I’ll definitely be back.  There are 21 images in the photo gallery from them, and they’re all very pretty.

Strain Review: Kenyan from Botanico

For the first proper strain review, I chose a strain that I hadn’t seen anywhere and had only seen mentioned in the Cannabible, “Kenyan”.  Now I dug around online and couldn’t find any other information, and unfortunately, I don’t have Cannabible 1 available right now (I’ll update this post if I can find a copy and get more info on the strain).  Anyway, the ladies at Botanico said that theirs is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid and that’s about all I know about it.  Now onto the review:

Kenyan (50% Indica/Sativa), purchased from Botanico Care on 1/30/10

Price:  $50 (got half an 8th and some Northern Lights for the other half) + tax

Wide shot -- colors didn't come through very well on this one..

Appearance/Texture:  The nugs are mostly round and fat, light green calyxes with moderate trichome coverage to the naked eye, average amounts of pale orange hairs as well as slender but short leaves that curl up against the buds.  Average density — when you break it between your fingers it crumbles but is fairly sticky, the leaves crumble easier than anything.  Probably an 9/10 on the dryness scale, any drier and it would be crispy.  In all, the appearance isn’t overwhelming but it has a somewhat exotic look with the variation in texture and color.  7.5/10

A little closer look where you can see the leaves and more gleaming trichomes

Smell:  The reason I got this bud was because of the smell.  It has a very appealing and unique perfumey-cirtus smell that I don’t remember coming across before.  It it slightly sweet but mostly floral/citrus with just a little bit of bite as you’d see in a Lemon Skunk… pineapple notes.  It’s not an overwhelmingly strong smell, but when you grind it, the bouquet opens up and it’s really pleasant.  8.5/10

Nice macro look at some impressive tall trichomes

Taste/Smoke/Vapor:  Like many strains that don’t have a super-strong taste (i.e. diesel, haze, blueberry, etc.), I didn’t get a ton of taste when smoking in a pipe.  It’s what is commonly described as “earthy”, and I also tastes some of the floral notes on the first hit inhale.  It was much improved in the Volcano, and I was pleasantly surprised to get a lot more of the floral notes — lavender and a bit of that sweet citrus was noticed, mostly in the front notes/inhale.  The vapor was thick and quality through 3 pulls on the Volcano, and when smoked, it was an expander (I coughed big time on the first hit, but it was smooth after that).  I’ve definitely had tastier herb, but the subtle floral and citrus notes were especially nice in a vaporizer…  7.8/10

Macro: trichomes on a pistil

Effects:  I was surprised at how strong this strain was after not having been overwhelmed by the trichome coverage and look of it.  After vaping my usual 0.3 g, I was really quite high in that happy positive kind of Sativa way.  I noticed a bit of the body buzz (typical tingly/buzzy feeling), but the high was dominated by the Sativa uplift and positivity.  I think this would be a good strain for depression/anxiety sufferers, as it just made me want to smile and laugh.  The first hit when smoked left me with a very strong stoned feeling in my head (behind the eyes a bit) that gave way to the general sense of well-being that dominated the rest of the 1.5 hour high.  Pleasantly surprised by the potency of this one, I was feeling great.  8.5/10

Duration:  Smoked it was a strong 1.5 – 2 hours before I felt it leave me — it was very strong at first then gave way and mellowed out.. very pleasant.  When vaped there were no “peaks and valleys”, it was just the calm happy feeling from the get-go, another 1.5 hour high.

Another look...

Verdict:  I don’t really do overall ratings here since so much of the worth of medical marijuana depends on the individual patient’s needs and preferences.  But I’ll say that this Kenyan was a very nice choice for someone looking for a nice mellow high that still packs a punch.  Botanico runs specials randomly, so if you can find this for anything less than the marked $50, it’s a great deal — but even at the standard price ($50 per 4 g 8th), it’s a nice pickup.  I noticed that they have it with several other strains prices at $45 today (2/3), so now’s a good time to try it.

As always, unpublished pictures of strains that I review are in the PhotoBucket album, sorted by dispensary.